Why THiNKSPOT and what do we do?

Debra Pickfield, MBA., ThinkSpot

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Too often, knowledge can be perceived as power and easily withheld from others. Debra’s commitment to the study of collaboration evolved from her experience in organizations where the need was great to share knowledge, but the motivation to do so was lacking. Debra discovered the possibilities that develop when people are given the right environment to engage with each other – Things start to happen! ThinkSpot provides the key elements for individuals and groups to build relationships which stimulate the sharing of knowledge, insights and collaborative thought to have amazing ideas and solutions unfold! The efficiencies of this process make ThinkSpot the preferred choice for productive meetings.

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  1. Hello – I love your website and the concept behind your space. I am wondering how many people you can comfortably sleep. How many single occupancy rooms? Thank you, Ellen