Ageing and Sageing with Ralph Benmergui

We try to host events that we hope will resonate with a wide base of people. And I am always grateful at people who are willing to put the time and energy into creating workshops for others to experience.

Ralph Benmergui is doing both. He was part of our Storytelling through Art workshop last year with Michael Williams, Patricia Pearson, and Walt Rickli. The 16 people who attended would agree that Ralph was fascinating. His journey from CBC broadcaster and journalist; to working with the President of Sheridan College; to the recent completion of his Spiritual Advisor within the Jewish faith; means Ralph can walk the talk of one of his new workshops. It’s about the wisdom that we earn through the experiences of life and how do we take that and share it with others?

“Ageing and Sageing” is a full-day workshop being offered at ThinkSpot on Saturday October 14th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The price is $95.00 +HST. You can bring your own lunch and sit by the fire at ThinkSpot or visit the Lowville Bistro next door, or wander through Lowville Park and watch the salmon travelling up Bronte Creek as they spawn and lay their eggs. It’s all a bit of a bubble-world up here in Lowville. Or perhaps it’s the real world and the rest of the world is a bubble? Hmmm…. Just a thought…

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