THiNKSPOT Film Festival

When you live in Ontario – what better way to celebrate winter evenings – than to watch documentaries that inspire, provoke, and celebrate amazing stories. Thanks to Collective Eye in Portland Oregon we are able to show a number of documentaries (marked with *) without a licensing fee. This means that while you can watch many of these docs on-line – there is something magical about the conversation that happens between us when we watch special movies like this together. Films with ** may require a licensing fee and if so another movie will be provided.

It’s a small space – seats 8 in comfy chairs (plus more on cushions) – and we provide apple cider and popcorn.

On Wednesday evenings the docs will have a serious vein that will be “wow – I wish I didn’t know that… now what do I do?”
January 3rd: American Winter *
January 10th: Between Earth and Sky*
January 17th: Saving Capitalism
January 24th: Half the Sky – Part 1
January 31st: Half the Sky – Part 2

On Thursday evenings the docs will be “wow that is cool”
January 4th: Return of the River *
January 11th: Walking the Camino *
January 18th: Call of the Forest
January 25th: I AM

on Friday evenings the docs will be “wow – that lifts my spirits” .
January 5th: Carry the Tune *
January 12th: Tashi and the Monk *
January 19th: Starfish Thrower *
January 26th: Kedi *

Hope you can join us – here are links to the film trailers with a description of the documentary.

American WinterView Trailer  View Description

Return of the River* View Trailer View Description

Carry the Tune* View Trailer View Description

Between Earth and Sky* View Trailer View Description

Walking the Camino* View Trailer View Description

Tashi and the Monk* View Trailer View Description

Saving Capitalism** View Trailer 

Call of the Forest** View Trailer 

Starfish Thrower* View Trailer View Description

Half the Sky – Parts 1 and 2 ** View Trailer 

I AM ** View Trailer

Kedi* View Trailer View Description