Over the past eight years ThinkSpot has been a fascinating journey.  Occasionally a comment will be made… “I don’t really get what you do… what is ThinkSpot exactly”?

Simply put – “Where we are affects how we think”… creating the optimal “safe” environment for that to happen is why ThinkSpot was created.

In its essence, ThinkSpot is about Connection.  How you and I connect as colleagues at work.  How you and I connect as individuals in Community, in Family, in Relationship.

Our ‘Why’ is about Connecting people – during the day the focus is on connecting people that work together; in the evenings and weekends through workshops and community events, the focus is on connecting people that live, love, and play together.

How we come together – the space or place – is one tool that makes it easier to connect.  When we are relaxed, sitting under the trees or by the fire, we are more open to sharing our wisdom or insights. This doesn’t mean that we are necessarily correct – what it does mean is if we share our three forms of knowledge (intellectual, emotional, intuitive) then we can talk about our concerns and fears… even if it means we find out that it’s more of a bias or perhaps not being aware of all the details.

THiNKSPOT.  Where a fire is always burning to welcome you home.

-Debra Pickfield